What’s this all aboot?

Who are these “Americanadians” and why are they telling us all of this fabulous stuff?

This is the story of two Americans who moved to Canada at around the same time.

Sean Cole had a crush on Canada for many years. In early 2010, he finally made his move (to Toronto).  Shea Shackelford had a crush on a woman in Montréal, and made his move in late 2009.  And they know each other … screw this third person thing … we know each other, because we’re both public radio producers.

Having transplanted ourselves up here, we keep having these micro-adventures. We’re also the type of folks who can’t help but share a good story, and they’re piling up.

So, we thought this would be a great way to share some funny, and occasionally poignant, observations about Canada with our friends, colleagues, and the rest of America … and with Canada, why not.  Hopefully, we’ll all learn a few things in the process.

Here’s what we’re thinking:

- Canada is important, fascinating, and downright gorgeous.  And it’s too often ignored by our country-folks.

- When it’s not ignored, it’s often ridiculed or idealized.  In other words, we realized that folks back home tend not to understand what Canada and Canadians are really like (or the Quebecois, though that’s sort of another issue).

- In OTHER other words, there’s a lot that Americans don’t know about Canada, and wouldn’t know unless they lived here. It’s a kind of specific experience (i.e. Canada is also frustrating, expensive and a little anal.)

- Frankly, there isn’t any useful document or map for navigating your way here as an expat.

- And sometimes… we just need to point and laugh at some of the things that we weren’t expecting. (like this)

Wish us bon courage! And please leave comments to let us know what you think.

Sean & Shea

Ps. Oh yeah, and if you really want to hear more about what the tabernac we were thinking, you might enjoy reading our first post (which, if you’ve read this far, may sound familiar).

Pps. Thanks to our friend Julie Shapiro for snapping those pics that make us look oh so charming.


5 Responses to What’s this all aboot?

  1. Jenn Brandel says:

    Love that the links list is a radio sandwich with a sweet slice of smoked meat tucked warmly in the center.

  2. Kerry says:

    Requested reports:

    1. Canadian cuss words.

    2. Smoked meat review.

    3. Comparison of arts funding in the two countries.

    4. How to get a Canadian work visa.

    5. Smoking pot at the gay wedding.

    Merci beaucoup and an ass steak to you!


  3. Kerry says:

    One more: Please visit the WireTap studios and report back!

  4. Amy O'Leary says:

    Hey! Do you have an RSS feed? Get an RSS feed so we can follow you in our RSS readers. I want to read it all, and maybe someday learn what the flashing green stoplights of Canada mean. I am always dumbfounded by them and worry that my ignorance of this Canadian protocol makes me a very dangerous driver north of the border.



  5. Justin says:

    I second the ‘smoked meat review’. While I’m at it, I’ll have thirds. MORE SMOKEDED MEATS!

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